5 Exciting Places to See in Bolivia

The South America is a paradise for the curious travelers. You can just get a dart, blindfold yourself and throw the dart in a South American map and whatever country you landed in would be as beautiful as its neighbors. Suppose your dart fell on Bolivia, a central country relatively undiscovered by many tourists but has a lot of exciting places in store for the adventurous spirits. Jot down these amazing places in the country called “The Tibet of the Americas”.


Perhaps the most famous place in Bolivia but not as easy to get there so a guide or booking a tour is a must. The world’s largest salt flat from a prehistoric dried up lake seems to be endless and will make you wonder of the world’s many magic. Wet season can transform this lake to a magical infinity mirror that perfectly reflects the sky and is haven for photographers and curious tourists alike. In the middle of this magical place is a hotel made of everything salt from salt bricks to furniture. Bizarre but worth a try for the adventurers.


Do you want to know what would an eroded clay and sandstone mountain would look like? Visit Valle de la Luna or Valley of the Moon, said to be named by Neil Armstrong himself. Prepare to be awed by the out of this world topography of canyons after canyons of stalagmite looking canvas.


Another natural sight to behold is Laguna Colorado, a shallow salt lake with a vivid red hue. This gorgeous vista is home to the rare James’ flamingoes that was thought to be extinct but now seen in packs here in Bolivia.


A lot of people didn’t know that apart from Brazil there are also a lot of other countries that borders the Amazon Rainforest, and one of them is Bolivia. Since it is not as commercialized, a trip to the Amazons through Bolivia is much cheaper and less crowded. On the edge of the Amazon basin is one of the most recommended place to start your tour since you can encounter the teeming wildlife right away.


Bolivia’s Witch Market is certainly not a place for the faint hearted but for the curious minds, it can be quite interesting. Bottles of dark concoctions, and items like owl feathers, dried frogs, dried snakes and other whimsical objects. But the most popular of all is the dried llama fetuses that is said to bring good luck and as macabre as it looks and sounds, a lot of Bolivians believe of its power to bring good luck.