Different types of social media marketing

Before you make the decision to start taking advantage of any social media marketing, it is crucial you have an idea of all the various kinds of social media marketing that you can utilize in marketing your business and the impact they might have.

Some of the various types of social media marketing for your business include;

Blog comments and forums
Blog comments allow individuals to interact by responding and posting messages. It is quite similar to forums except that a site for blog comments is a bit more focused with comments based around a particular topic on the blog, unlike forums which could have diverse topics.
There are various kinds of blogging sites which cover a variety of niches. One of the most popular ones includes Blogger which is owned by Google.

Bookmarking Sites
These sites let you manage, save and organize links to a variety of resources and websites around the web. A majority of them provide you with the capacity to tag your links and ensure they are easy to share. One of the most popular of these sites includes StumbleUpon.

Social networks
This is a site on the internet that lets users share and connect with individuals who have backgrounds and interests that are same with theirs. The most common examples of these social media sites include LinkedIn and Facebook. These sites can really help grow your business if you understand how to leverage their massive user base. The social media team at Window Washing Fort McMurray has learned to leverage their Facebook page by running regular deals to their target audience and it has helped them double their business in a few months.

Social News
These are services that provide individuals with the capacity to place a variety of links and news items and then lets users vote on the items. The voting that takes place is the main social part as the item that amasses the highest amount of votes is shown more frequently. The news item that gets viewed by more individuals is determined by the community. The most common platforms for this include Reddit and Digg.

These are sites that provide users with the ability to submit brief written entries which can also consist of links to service sites or products alongside links to other social media platforms. These are then placed on the walls of all individuals who are subscribed to the user. The most widely utilized website for micro-blogging is Twitter.